Thursday, July 31, 2008

Should I drop out?

I'm frustrated with academics now. I hate getting up at 7:00 every morning to go to a class that is really boring and also, I hardly understand anything. My passion for physics and engineering is going away slowly. If any IIT aspirant is reading this, then you better be prepared 'coz if you are not interested in what you're studying right now, then I can assure you that you will definitely not be interested after coming to IIT. Even if you are interested there is a good chance that you will lose your interest, unless it is really really strong. If you do lose your interest then the only way of continuing in IIT is either you forget your passions, accept that this is what you'll have to do if you want a high-paying job, or you just try to get good grades by putting in the least effort, copying practical readings, taking chill courses (which give good grades).

I'm not doing any of that right now, well, I have copied readings once in a while but I don't wanna continue with that. I think maybe I should drop out, but it's a tough decision, because I don't know what I will do after it. Would I go to another college once again? If yes, then which one? If no, then what will I do after it? And what about the hostel life and my friends. I have made such good friends here and I enjoy living in the hostel so much that it would be very difficult to leave all of this for an uncertain path where I may not meet people who become such good friends and connect with me so well. I do realize that in life if you want to do something, you need to take risks but I would be much more willing to take them if I took them for pursuing something I am really passionate about. Else, it would be more of stupidity than risk. So for now on, I think I'm gonna continue with IIT and attend 8:00 classes all 5 weekdays and try to listen in class :( But I am trying to find my interest and I hope to find something in which I'm so interested that I can quit IIT for it

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wanted: Cheap Coffee houses

Coffee houses are cool. They are coming up in droves in Delhi, NCR and other metros but there seems to be one problem with all of them, they are bloody expensive. Coffee houses are supposed to be places where the young can chill out, relax, have coffees and hang around with their friends. But, generally buying a Rs. 50 coffee is not acceptable to the average college going student. Agreed, they have excellent coffee, but I believe the same coffee can be served at half the price and still the profits can be covered up by the increase in volumes. A very small percentage of college going crowd prefers to hang out in Coffee houses like Barista or Cafe Coffee day. They're generally filled with the people who are earning. C'mon guys. Coffee houses should be young, McDonalds doesn't sell it's burgers at the same price as it sells in U.S. or Europe. We desperately need coffee houses catering to the average Indian consumer.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's good not knowing

This world is a beautiful place. Even though there's crap happening all around but as they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It's just the way you see things that make them good or bad. One of the things that I find really amazing in the universe is that you don't know what's about to happen. If someone, by chance has the gift of finding out what is going to happen in the future, I suspect he would be a very sad person. Even the most pessimistic person in this world is not 100% sure that bad stuff is going to happen to him. There's still a little chance that something good can happen. Although, that is another thing that his pessimism will not allow him to appreciate it.

It's just good, not knowing what's about to happen. It's happening to a lot of people around the world everyday - you think that you have life all figured out, when it suddenly strikes you in the face and something totally unexpected suddenly happens. It just tells you that no one has life completely figured out. Everyone is surprised one time or the other. That, I feel is beautiful. And I don't think we are supposed to figure out life completely. If we ever do, it would be a sad day in the history of humankind. Although, I think that god would not let that happen. Life can't get too boring. Just believing that whatever shit you're in, you'll get out of it if you believe you can. This is where god is important. God gives so many people the faith that they are gonna come out of shit some day. Even if you have a little bit of optimism to appreciate that happens to you, I think you'll do just fine. As a tribute to Steve Jobs - Stay hungry, stay foolish.