Thursday, July 29, 2010

From her to him

Leave me now, a solemn plea
Pray to thee – let me be free.

That night was fun – just you and me
And stars galore to see.
But now I need some lonesome time,
don’t ask me reason or rhyme.
I came, I went
It’s what I do;
I moved on
And you should, too.
A clear night and we made out,
things were what they were.
I didn’t have a single doubt
And now it’s all a blur.
That being said, I hope it’s clear
All was none but fun
And hope you have a happy life
Coz you ‘n me are done.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The importance of you

People come, people go. You realize their importance only when they're gone. Nobody is a perfect companion. No matter how well you bond with your friend or wife or brother, you know that in some corner of their personality, there is something massively wrong. You realize what's wrong with them only when they're around.

Think for a minute. Take this moment to realize the importance of yourself. This life is about you, and no one else. People will not be around when you need them. Your mind has to learn to live with itself, because life will not be generous enough to give you the luxury of good company every time.