Saturday, April 10, 2010

A bad way to spend your weekend is to sit in front of your laptop, repeatedly checking your gmail account to see if there are any new mails and passing time by playing facebook games or mario forever. Is this facebook really a disease? Back in school, I used to think that smoking was bad and that there was no reason why anyone would start smoking except for peer pressure and that it looked cool to some people. It didn't look cool to my circle of friends back then and I used to think that since I never really liked anyone who smoked, therefore I would never want to be like them. That changed after coming to college. I saw people no different from me: likable and rational, who used to smoke and I started to think that it wouldn't be so bad. Is it going to be the same with facebook? Am I going to start playing farmville? Have things gone so bad that I cannot find other creative and interesting ways to beat boredome and angst?