Thursday, July 29, 2010

From her to him

Leave me now, a solemn plea
Pray to thee – let me be free.

That night was fun – just you and me
And stars galore to see.
But now I need some lonesome time,
don’t ask me reason or rhyme.
I came, I went
It’s what I do;
I moved on
And you should, too.
A clear night and we made out,
things were what they were.
I didn’t have a single doubt
And now it’s all a blur.
That being said, I hope it’s clear
All was none but fun
And hope you have a happy life
Coz you ‘n me are done.


Buzz said...

Is it fictitious? Or it pertains to someone real?

anirudh said...

I should have added it was written by me. Wrote this while i was in Calcutta. And chill rah, it's fictitious :)

cinnamon pig said...
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yashaas said...