Sunday, June 21, 2009


As seen in a magazine's Q&A session

Q- Hi. I'm good-looking, weird and unemployed. Please help me.

A- Congratulations, you have the perfect qualifications for getting selected in a television show MTV Hero Honda Roadies. The Roadies is out looking for good looking jobless people like you. You didn't mention how bitchy you were. If you are sufficiently bitchy then there's no chance that you would get rejected. However, even if you are not bitchy, don't worry. You mentioned that you are weird. That means that even if you don't get selected, there's a really good chance that you will be shown on TV in the auditions stage of the program. So fret not, just audition for Roadies, you needn't get a life.



Buzz said...

lol...funny to the max...have you read Suhel Seth's 'Survival Strategies' on the Telegraph - newspaper. If not, then google it : you'll get some awesome replies for similar stupid questions.

Ashish said...

haha nice :) but roadies is good tv man :P

anirudh said...

@Ashish - well, much better than the other crap that they show on tv. and ya, it's popular so i'm sure the makers are not complaining. and thanks for ur comments