Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A start

Ok, last time I attempted to write something, I ended up writing a paragraph and then deleting it all. So this time I will attempt to write something not caring about what it looks like and if the grammar is correct. This may be a short post as at some point of time I will feel like deleting it and going back to what I was doing before this. At that point, I will click on 'Publish Post' and that will be it. If I can see it getting worthless and feel that I am going to delete this in some time but I'll just keep on writing now, I'll again click on 'Publish post' and continue on a new one. So anyway, life feels like a bitch right now. I've been thinking about a lot of things. Bad things first. Actually I do not want to get into that because it's kind of personal, but I can talk about things generally. If I feel that what I've written is too personal and shouldn't be read by other people, then I may not click on 'Publish post' and you may never see this. I was going to write - 'but since you are, I'm guessing I'm going to sidestep that obstacle' - but the truth is that I honestly do not know how personal this is going to be, and that might make me review this whole thing and not post it at all. Anyway, lets forget that for a moment and let me carry on with my writing. The first bad thing is that I've been suffering from Writers block and Readers block (even if there's no such thing you know what I'm saying, don't crib about correctness, I never wanted to be correct in this post). So I haven't been able to read anything in a long long time. I took a course on Modern Fiction last semester and got an F in that. My total was 37.5 out of 100 and passing was 40 (passing is usually 30) and she failed me because her daddy didn't love her enough. But I digress. What I wanted to say was that I partly read 'One hundred years of solitude' in that course and liked it. I read about 60-70% of it but didn't complete it. I couldn't read any of the other books [each of us was supposed to read a total of 6 books! Full length novels - none of them half as simple as Five point someone or one-tenth as fun as Harry Potter {Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan. I don't care much for literature. Although it was a bit kiddish and the whole idea of romantic love in the book is this childish idealistic romantic notion of love which is kind of sickening. What the fuck was that chapter '19 years later' doing in the end? Maybe this generation doesn't need to grow up on happy endings. Its sickening because I grew up with it, I expect it as much as I don't want to and I don't get it. Look around you. It's every where. Take Spiderman for example. Why does he see Mary Jane as some kind of an angel even though she's been nothing but a bitch to him. Knowing that he has the hots for her and snogging all these other guys in front of him. First that guy from the bus in the first movie. Then his friend Harry. Then that Air Force guy in the second movie. All she's been is a whore. He shouldn't take that kind of crap from her. He should go around the city literally picking up hot women from the streets, taking them to the top of some building where he's arranged a bed somehow, and they'll be on their backs begging for it. If that doesn't happen, he can always rescue women from some situation (apparently every day, somebody is getting robbed or raped or mugged in New York and every 3 seconds you can hear an ambulance go by. So much so for the financial capital of the richest nation in the world). It's funny that I digressed so much that I started writing something which I actually wanted to write}]

I'm gonna post this now and start afresh.

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